Revenue (Land / Property) Survey

Revenue Survey is associated with the physical check and ensure the proof of administration of Record of Right of a person or entity.
Objectives: There are three major objectives of revenue survey

Administrative: To provide maps having particular details of houses, roads, open space etc. which can be useful for administrative purposes such as urban planning or land acquisition for water supply, drainage line, gas line, roads etc.
Financial: To supervise revenue related matters, to prevent encroachment of land and its improper usage etc.
Legal: To finalize legal rights and borders, to prevent litigation between land holders which may give rise to animosity among them, to remove doubts among the Government or local bodies and private landholders and to prevent litigation among them.

Process Includes:

  • Collection revenue documents
  • Verification of the titles
  • Identification of the property
  • Preparations of the Revenue sketch and Combined survey map