Fire Safety & Escape Layouts

FIRE ESCAPE Layout plans are the Signage boards that acts as complete guide of that particular floor along with emergency escape routes. It helps you and guide smoother mass departure by giving the structural / interior details of that particular floor. Whether you own, build or manage one building or many, you are responsible for the safety of the people who live or work there. Fire protection begins with good planning. A properly developed fire safety plan protects building occupants, reduces damage and prevents emergencies. It helps building occupants gain confidence and familiarity with emergency procedures. 

Plans also contain Exit points available, Number of Fire Fighting equipments placed, Position of Manual call points, Hooter, Stairways, First Aid box etc. A detailed survey will done to take all the necessary details required prior to the execution of the work. The boards must be placed at prominent places in the building and the fire extinguishers must be close to the exit. The boards tell the employees where the fire extinguishers are placed. Lucent Technologies approached to display their fire escape route at first and since then, ICON has made these boards for almost all the units of Intel, Wipro, forum, HP India, Ansell, Microsoft, Infosys, and GE Global Technology in Bangalore. In Tuticorin, Sterlite Copper Company has received the British Safety Council Award for displaying these signages at their company. Now, many garment companies, IT Companies also approaching us in this regard since it is mandatory for their production standards. Till today, ICON has produced about 10,000 boards for 70 companies. Now, ICON is designing ISO 14001 Standard signage boards.